manjula 02 Jul 2020
plz fix the problem as early possible ,
manjula 02 Jul 2020
cant convert to kannada , changati is user friendly .whats the issue
manjunath 02 Jul 2020
not able to convert englist to kannada pls mention any issue
Sreenivasulu 02 Jul 2020
it is not converting.
JYOTHI 02 Jul 2020
Not able to convert please check.
virupaksha 02 Jul 2020
its not converting
kannada 02 Jul 2020
matter is not converting
Vicky Mangalore 01 Jul 2020
Stopped working please check.
kamala bhat 01 Jul 2020
the english letters r not converting to kannada
Shailesh Naik 01 Jul 2020
Sir, not able to convert word in Kannada
Naina 01 Jul 2020
Sir I am not able to convert the word in kannada
madhava rao 01 Jul 2020
the english letter is not converting to kannada letters.
Khan 01 Jul 2020
matter is not converting
Shenoy Y Paduranga 01 Jul 2020
matter is not being converted to kannada
Manchaladevi 01 Jun 2020
Sir can I get the 2nd copies of police verification certificate.
Shenoy Y Paduranga 21 May 2020
Now it is o k
Shenoy Y Paduranga 21 May 2020
The matter converted into kannada repeats in the box even after its transfer to the regular page
Vanisri 17 May 2020
how to get inya letter in Kannada? i mean cha, cha, ja, jha, inya..
mohan 14 May 2020
Please help in getting the issue sorted as soon as possible
srinivas 14 May 2020
it is translating to some other languge
Chethan 14 May 2020
why it is converted to other laungaguge instead kannada laungaguge let me know immediately
Gireesh Bhat 14 May 2020
why it is getting converted into malayalam? why not kannada?
vicky mangalore 14 May 2020
i see lot of users facing same issue like me. yesterday till evening it was not translating any word & now its translating to tamil/malayalam
laxmikantha Tantry 14 May 2020
I dont know why it is translating to Malayalam. some times t refuses to translate
Chandrashekar Bangalore 14 May 2020
Hello, not able to understand, why it is transalating into tamil. Please provide solution. Thank you.