ananya 18 Mar 2018
how to download
Asha 14 Mar 2018
It is a good app
apurva 06 Mar 2018
how to save ...
Rashmi 24 Feb 2018
How to share this document
Rakhi 19 Feb 2018
How to write the letter after this letter ಕ ಖ ಗ ಘ ?
anisha 16 Feb 2018
how to take saved documents.. where it will save
kishor 16 Feb 2018
i want english to kannada translate
Subbarao 05 Feb 2018
Can't figure out how to enter Ahaa Example : Morning time - Pratahkala
lakshmi 27 Dec 2017
i want kannada to english transalation
Pradi 04 Dec 2017
This site is not transliterating from English to Kannada
Proyas 11 Nov 2017
Want translation
Karibavu 24 Oct 2017
We what Kannada translation
Johna956 30 Sep 2017
It is also possible that Zynga's chosen advertising adccgbdafdgd
shri 27 Aug 2017
it will be nice
Sachin 14 Aug 2017
It's not working, not getting Kannada conversion
suresh.d 03 Aug 2017
i had text a complain on the lost of my mobile and i needed a copy of it means a print of it . SO WHT SHOULD I DO NO!!
Raghavendra 27 Jul 2017
I have texted in english and now it converted into kanada but i want the english text now
Peter 20 Jul 2017
program produces nonsense sentences of my English letter. Re-translating from Kannada into English opened my eyes!
Peter 20 Jul 2017
Sorry for mistakes in previous question´s text. I meant: Suddenly "Draft" is not offered to me any more, meaning my saved text is unavailable.
Peter 20 Jul 2017
Suddeny "Draft" is not offered to me, meaning my saved text is´t availible.
nandana 16 Jul 2017
english to kannada conversion for a story
sridhar 09 Jul 2017
how to type suadrahu instei need to type two oo one bela other after dru
M Sudhamani 13 Jun 2017
words. Helpful to kannada translation.
M Sudhamani 13 Jun 2017
Please added more english to kannada translation meaning.
basheer 08 Jun 2017
colore text